welcome to total dairy
Total Dairy is all about freshness in every sip of milk.
Our commitment to quality and freshness is our way of sharing our family pride.


We hope everyone is enjoying every sip of natural pure dairy milk. Total Dairy promises only Fresh and Preservative Free Milk that will be delivered at your doorstep.


Many people think that pure milk has a superior flavor and texture to pasteurized, homogenized milk. They often use words like “fresh”, “real”, “alive” and “rich” to describe it.

They also appreciate the subtle shift in the flavor of the milk through the seasons as the grasses change.

virtual tour

The Virtual Tour of our Total Dairy Farm.

some milk recipes

Chocolate Pure Milk Drink

Milk Fudge

Premium Kulfi

Delicious Vanilla Milk Shake

Sweetened Curd

Creme Caramel

Lemony Ginger Milk-and-Honey Tea